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2010-03-24 22:16:42 by ScythetheHedgehog

i wanna know how tough the criticism on newgrounds is...
cause it seems to be alot more different than youtube, where people seem friendly...
and another for sonic fan it me, or are there not alot on this site?
just asking...

Im new here

2009-06-24 19:15:27 by ScythetheHedgehog

hey guys im new not new to making flash movies though...i would really like to improve on flash and learn how to do things with it as well, like making a custim preloader....if u have any tutorials for me,i greatly thank you..

Im a sonic fan, well u can say im an anime fan..but i have a fan character named scythe the hedgehog..

i would like to share all my flashes on here so can u all give me a warm welcome? :D