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Entry #2


2010-03-24 22:16:42 by ScythetheHedgehog

i wanna know how tough the criticism on newgrounds is...
cause it seems to be alot more different than youtube, where people seem friendly...
and another for sonic fan it me, or are there not alot on this site?
just asking...


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2010-03-24 22:20:10

I am fairly to certainly sure that there are not a lot on this site. It's usually represented as a lack of effort in character design.

ScythetheHedgehog responds:

well, thanks for your input anyways...i knew it was somewhat i guess im like the only one...but even with the " lack of character design" does the title " fan character " not make up for that?


2010-03-25 00:02:43

well the difference between here and youtube is that the majority of youtube stuff are not people's own work, so people who go to youtube don't really have the high expectation of originality nor are they really there to critique the quality of a flash. if it makes them laugh, its good, if not, oh well.

but one thing you can trust me is that there are more sonic fan character flashes than you know. but most people don't name is sonic, since after all, they are sonic fan characters, so they give their series their own name and make up names for the characters.

ScythetheHedgehog responds:

ahhh yes i see...thanks for your reply sir, if u find any sonic fan character flashes on here or know where to find them, would u be so kind as to let me know?